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Meet Lindsay


Lindsay is an ASHA certified speech-language pathologist and the founder of More Than Just Words, LLC.  Lindsay has experience in working with children and adults from birth across the lifespan.  Lindsay has served clients in the home setting, schools, skilled nursing facilities, hospitals, and private clinics.  Lindsay earned her Bachelor's Degree from Southern Connecticut State University and went on to earn her Master's degree from Mercy College in Westchester, NY. 

Lindsay is very passionate about helping others and collaborating with clients, families, caregivers, and other professionals involved. Lindsay is a strong believer in a client-centered approach with individualized treatment in order to provide the best quality intervention. Lindsay is a strong advocate for her clients and their communication needs.


Lindsay's interest in becoming a speech-language pathologist came during her high school years when she was diagnosed with vocal cord dysfunction.  When Lindsay met with a speech-language pathologist, she felt like her life was given back to her.  Learning different breathing exercises and techniques alleviated the symptoms and attacks of vocal cord dysfunction.  It is Lindsay's mission to give people their independence through accomplishing their speech, language, and swallowing goals. 

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