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Helpful Information

Here you will find important information regarding milestones and helpful tips and strategies for all different speech, language, cognitive, and swallowing disorders.

Children Language Milestones

Children Articulation Milestones

Pragmatic Language

Pragmatic Language is using appropriate language in conversations and social situations. This includes:

~Starting appropriate conversations

~Staying on topic

~Asking Questions

~Making Comments

~Using appropriate nonverbal language (body language, facial expressions, and gestures)

~Problem Solving

~Understanding Figurative Language (Idioms, similes, metaphors, etc.)


~Following routines

*Ask us about our social communication groups and support groups

Come Socialize!

More Than Just Words LLC is starting to offer social communication groups for all ages!  We are also starting parent support groups for parents with children who have different language and communication difficulties.

Learn about our new Autism support groups!

Autism support groups:

~Children social groups

~Adolescent social groups

~Adult social and support groups

~Parent support group

Contact us today to find out more information!

Children and Adolescent social groups

Come learn social skills and work on them with some friends! These support groups will base lessons off of client needs.

Summer Programs

Stay tuned for more information coming about our summer speech therapy programs!

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